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Medical Doctor Database in the US

Today’s helping of spam was delivered by the unashamed quill of Vivian Masterson.  She writes:


  • Here’s what we’re offering for this week: Board Certified Medical Doctors in the USA 
How much are these Board Certified Medical Doctors and how many do I get in a pack?
  • 788,770 in total * 17,658 emails
Those numbers just don’t add up, can you run them again please?
  • 34 primary and secondary specialties
I’m only interested in primary as I don’t do sloppy seconds.
  • Can easily be sorted by 16 different fields
Corn? Wheat? Barley?
  • 47,000 names and emails of the major positions
I had a book on the Karma Sutra which showed me the positions too, it was pretty cheap actually as it was a soiled second…  I know, I know, I don’t do sloppy seconds.
  • Hospitals in the United States
  • American Dentists
  • Chiropractors in the USA
  • Now priced at: $395 for all listed above

$395 for a hospital filled with doctors, dentists and chiropractors?  Sounds like a bargain.

If you can come back to me with an immediate response to all my questions I’d say we have a deal!


Best wishes,


Claggy Derriere

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